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"The Retirement Wealth Company"

FIG Wealth Advisors, LLC specializes within a niche area of retirement: Advanced Income Planning. As the leading 'Foundation Capital Retirement Distribution' planning firm that specializes in advanced income specifically tax free retirement & large tax deduction strategies, we realize the importance of transitioning your assets from the effects of market fluctuations and uncertainties of future taxes on our income. Many of our clients are saying the same thing, "How much longer can the market sustain itself?", "And how much would another market correction like 2001 or 2008 impact my life savings?," 

Furthermore, "With our current deficit, how will this impact my income when I retire?", "Or I am worried about outliving my money?," Well, we understand this and believe that's where our specialization brings you the most value. We believe that it is in America's best interest to protect its most vital piece: Its citizens from the effects of Washington (D.C.) political agendas and Wall Street next market correction with the endgame goal: Protecting your retirement income from losses due to these markets and the impact of taxes.    


As a private, non-proprietary financial services firm, we are uniquely positioned to provide experienced, unbiased advice on an independent basis that is void of any company mandates. This independence provides you (our clients) with assurance that you are receiving the best options for your retirement planning and truly working with a fiduciary advisory firm without the captive limitations that many other firms face. Using your financial plan as a roadmap, we concentrate on increasing and preserving your assets; reducing or eliminating your taxes while staying within your risk tolerance. FIG Wealth Advisors, LLC "The Retirement Wealth Company."   

Our Philosophy

Safe money, guaranteed income

We believe in a beyond Wall Street thinking that utilizes a holistic approach to planning with a core focus towards "outside the box" strategies to help protect and build retirement wealth for our clients.    

This allows us to provide our clients the best financial options available for their personal situation without the singular focus many firms have in traditional Wall Street planning.

Our clients typically are those that ponder, "if there was a way to protect all their money so that you’d never have a losing year again, but would still receive gains when the market went up?", Those who are concerned about FUTURE TAXATION. “Did you know that up to 85% of your Social Security could be taxed as income once you begin receiving it?" 

And those who are tired of the talking heads in the media and the "Financial Entertainers" who are paid to give "one size shoe" fits all statements but don't recognize that "Your" situation is unique. Well, we understand this and believe there's a better way to build & protect your wealth and reduce taxes through Total Client Engagement: TCE!

Physicians, Dentists & Medical Professionals


We have a special division of FIG Wealth just for Physicians, Dentists and other medical professionals which offers many of the same options for our non-medical clients but with a few more options specific to the medical industry. FIG Wealth subsidiary Clinicians Advocacy Group was created for that sole purpose. 

FIG Wealth Advisors primary focus is building and protecting wealth for our clients utilizing all available options including alternative asset classes for true diversification. Therefore, we believe as many economist have indicated that when the stock market has its inevitable correction, our clients will be uniquely positioned to still see sustainable success without the volatility associated with those markets. 

Areas of Focus     

  • Advanced Tax Income Planning 
  • Asset Protection Planning 
  • Guaranteed Lifetime Income
  • IRA Rollovers & Transfers
  • Key Executive Planning 
  • Large Tax Deductions     
  • Self-Directed IRAs 
  • Social Security Claiming Strategies
  • Tax Free Retirement Strategies
  • Wealth Transfers

*Fig Wealth Advisors does not give tax advice but works with your accountant— preferably a CPA or tax attorney — regarding any Roth IRA conversions and or other tax planning strategies.that are compliant to current tax laws..*

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